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Never Never Land (2-3)

On the first floor, in ‘Never Never Land’, our children begin their preparation for Pre-school.

They are introduced to a more structured routine, eating and taking breaks together at set times, with a nap, if still required, after lunch. In the Tinkerbell and Peter Pan rooms children can play and enjoy sand, water, construction, art, playdough and many other activities as a group.

Toilet training is more than likely to take place in Never Never Land, we have lots of ideas and advice to help get them started, and we will work closely with you in order that your child achieves this milestone with minimum fuss!

The ratio of staff to children here is one to four.

From April 2024, all two year old’s will be eligible for 15 free funded hours, providing you meet the criteria. follow the link below to check your eligibility. (you may need to scroll down a little)

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